Posted by HoopSisters Co-Founder, Annie Moody on 17th Mar 2015

3 Tips for Beginners to Quilt-In-The-Hoop from Co-Founder Annie Moody

Are you new to Quilt-In-The-Hoop?! If so, our Co-Founder Annie Moody has put together 3 tips to help you get started on your journey.

1.)When starting any new project, start with a clean machine, new needle and read instructions before beginning.

2.)Use the quality products recommended. Such as Battilizer, good quality polyester embroidery thread, HoopGrip and quilt shop quality fabric.

3.)Be fearless, it’s baby steps and we give you each little baby step with pictures and sometimes even videos that will ensure your success.

Also, a great place to start would be in our Young & Modern Collection that is specifically designed with the beginner in mind. The blocks have a quick stitch time and you'll love the outcome!