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Going Crazy - CD Media

Going Crazy is a fun Crazy Quilt EmbroidaBlock design.

The only thing "Crazy" about these blocks is how fast your quilt will go together. Three different Crazy Quilt blocks with elegant decorative stitching and beautiful motif fills. Use different fabric and thread choices on each block and no two blocks will look the same.

Electric Quilt 6 file included.

5" and 8" blocks.

5" block = 15" x 18" approximate finish size

8" block = 24" x 24" approximate finish size 

Formats: .art, .dst, .exp, .jef, .pes, .vip and .vp3.

Design includes the pieced blocks, not the quilted triangle border blocks around the design. 



Simply the Best
Posted 23rd Apr 2012 by Bev Fehlberg

This had to be the most efficient way and simple way to get the beautiful effects of crazy patch. It inspires you to go further and embellish it to the full capacity with carms and other adornments

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Going Crazy - CD Media
Going Crazy - CD Media
Going Crazy - CD Media
Going Crazy - CD Media
Going Crazy - CD Media