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Radiance Collection


For the first time since June of 2012 you can purchase the designs to complete the full 2012 Mystery Quilt, Radiance. This complete set are all the designs you need.

Collection includes the following designs: Flag, Mother & Child, Starburst, Attic Window

First mystery.
Posted 6th May 2018 by CarolAnn Williams

This was my first ever mystery quilt. I enjoyed doing it but will enjoy it more next time as now I know where the Fabrics go and I will select bolder colors.

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Height 4.00
Width 0.50
Depth 0.50
Sku RAD005B
Radiance Bundle includes everything you need to complete the former 2012 Mystery Quilt pattern, Radiance!
2012 Mystery Quilt Break Out Titles
2012 Mystery Quilt
2012 Mystery Quilt
2012 Mystery Quilt
2012 Mystery Quilt
Attic Window!
Mother & Child!