Sisterhood - CD Media

Sisterhood - CD Media

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This gorgeous quilt was the 2018 EmbroidaBlock of the Month, once only reserved for shops to purchase for classes. Now, releasing for anyone to purchase and work on at home! 

Sisterhood wall hanging is just 8 blocks across, and 8 down for a total of 64 blocks. Easy to stitch blanket stitch applique with beautiful quilting. To make SisterHood in quilt size, you will turn the wall hanging portion “On Point”, and add corners, which we are calling the Border. This makes the quilt much larger.

Sisterhood requires just two fabrics, fabric 1 is your background color, fabric 2 is the applique and some piecing as well. We recommend using a tightly woven fabric, such as a batik for fabric 2. There are two reasons for this, one - batiks tend to be the same color on each side, two -batiks are a higher thread count. Since the applique is blanket stitch, you will see a bit of the raw edge, so having a fabric that is the same color on both sides, as well as a higher thread count will make your applique look fantastic!

This design includes border files and block sizes in: 5", 6", 7", 8" & 9". It is also multi-formatted. 

The quilts finish size will be determined by which block size you work with and whether or not you choose to add the border corners. 

Approximate finish sizes without border corners:

9" - 70" x 70"

8" - 62" x 62" 

7" - 56" x 56" 

6" - 46" x 46"

5" - 40" x 40"

Approximate finish sizes with border corners:

9" - 111" x 111"

8" - 98" x 98" 

7" - 88" x 88"

6" - 73" x 73" 

5" - 62" x 62" 

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