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Snail's Tail - Digital Download


Snails Trail is a delightful pattern from the 1920's composed of squares and triangles.  A dramatic pattern using either two or four colors.  HoopSisters has brought this pattern into the hoop to make ease of construction and quick piecing a must have.  The center square is embroidered into a four square and then surrounded by triangles.  The backing is added and quilting is completed all while still in the hoop.

Not for the weak on skill
Posted 30th Sep 2012 by Pamela Sullivant

This is a very unique method to make a quilt block that is quilted when finished. Instructions for the block itself are fairly clear. More detail in explanation would help. The instructions for the double cross bag(if you got them with your version)are very difficult to understand and I have been sewing for 40 years. When I contacted Hoopsisters for advice on the muslin requirement I got no response and to this day have not had my question answered. I would coment that there customer service is not up to par...Best of luck to you.

Different Kind of Quilt
Posted 30th Apr 2012 by Winifred MacLennan

I would of called the quilt Wind Mill because it goes in so many directions

Its called lots of names but Snails Trail is what Mother called it.
Posted 27th Apr 2012 by JoAn Dean

Was fun to watch it to come together. enjoyed doing it and also enjoyed the 2011 mystery quilt. and the Goose tracks

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Snail's Tail
Snail's Tail
Snail's Tail
Snail's Tail
We've included instructions to make the "Snail's Tail Double Cross Bag"!