Crib Size "Spring Time" design!
Full Size "Spring Time" design!
King Size "Spring Time" design!
Large Wall Hanging "Spring Time" design!
Queen Size "Spring Time" design!
Small Wall Hanging "Spring Time" design!
Full Size "Spring Time" design!
Spring Time -  Digital Download

Spring Time - Digital Download

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Spring Time, a brand new HoopSisters design, consists of one beautiful block in two sizes and 3D leaves! And... the introduction of Filler Blocks!

Question: How is this a new thing, HoopSisters blocks normally come in two sizes? 8" and 5".

Answer: This design has 4" blocks, not 5" blocks!

Quilt layouts available in sizes from small wallhangings up to King size bed quilts. This quilt stitches up really fast due to the addition of Filler blocks made by you!

Question: How is it possible to stitch up a HoopSisters King size quilt "really fast"?

Answer: Well, maybe really fast is a bit of an exaggeration, but definitely faster than a traditional HoopSisters quilt thanks to Filler Blocks.

Question: What the heck is a Filler Block?!

Answer: This quilt is not solid HoopSisters blocks, the Filler Blocks fill in space between the EmbroidaBlocks. The Filler blocks are machine quilted by you!

Question: How would I machine quilt the Filler Blocks?

Answer: That's the fun part, you have many options that we have described in the instructions included with "Spring Time". While your embroidery machine is stitching away, you can be quilting your Filler Blocks at the same time! Now that's multi-tasking at its finest!

This design would make a great quilt for any girl in your life! A new baby, a little girl, or maybe even you!

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