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Textures & New Techniques (TNT) - Download


HoopSisters 2010 EmbroidaBlock of the Month Quilt, "TNT, Textures and New Techniques" as of January 1, 2012 is finally available for individual sale. The TNT quilt is absolutely exquisite. This quilt will teach trapunto, a new layering technique and you will also learn how to insert ribbon, folded fabric or lace into pleated sections of the quilt. All these techniques are done while assembling your block in the hoop of your embroidery machine.

Available in both 5" and 8" blocks.

Formats include: .art, .dst, .exp, .jef, .pes, vip, and .vp3.


TNT-an explosion of textures and new techniques
Posted 25th Apr 2012 by Sally Laidlaw

Can you give 10 stars to a project??? We did this in a monthly class, and it was just amazing how everyone's quilt turned out. Still awestruck. It was the best fun and you end up with a wonderful quilt that blows the neighbours away.

Introduction to Hoopsisters
Posted 24th Apr 2012 by shirl

This quilt was my introduction to Hoopsisters and absolutely loved doing this quilt, we learnt so much and so many new techniques, it was my first Hoopsisters quilt and enjoyed it so much I have purchased a couple off your other quilt patterns to do. Love them, keep them coming

TNT is my 2nd HoopSisters Project
Posted 23rd Apr 2012 by Cathy

I completed the Goose Tracks project in a class and enjoyed it so much that I decided to try another project. I would liked to have seen instructions and fabric requirements to make it into a larger quilt. I am a fairly new quilter and really rely on the pattern to tell me everything I need to know. I am looking forward to my next HoopSisters Project.

great learning project
Posted 23rd Apr 2012 by Jo-Ann Fox-Threlkeld

This was my introduction to Hoop Sisters. I learned lots of great techniques. Now on my 3rd project.

Ready to make another one.....
Posted 23rd Apr 2012 by Susan Y Gilbert

I took this class at Atlanta Sewing Center taught by the wonderful Carol Hayford. We followed the suggested process to complete the four blocks per month and totally enjoyed the process and the flexibility to make mine different. We also enjoyed seeing the other quilts being made by classmates. A wonderful process and great outcome!

Textures and Techniques
Posted 23rd Apr 2012 by Donna McLennan

A very pretty pattern that introduces new techniques to the quilter-embroiderer. The instructions were clear and very easy to follow.

Goog Starting Quilt
Posted 23rd Apr 2012 by Dale Negle

This is my 2nd in the hoop quilt from Hoop Sisters that I have purchased. It is easier then the "Crazy Compass". Starting this method on the Crazy Compass is not the best way to learn. I think you should rate your quilts for the experienced and the new quilter and state this in your explaintions. I have the Crazy Compass done as far as the embroidery but I have not sewn the sashing and border. I purchased that in 2009. I purchased the TNT in Dec 2010. I have the center part done and 2 of the outer blocks done. But the center looks complicated but the corner blocks with the tucks and trim insert is harder. The compass with some of it's points and turned seams is harder. I also have last years Mystery Quilt, that I haven't even looked at. but I thought it was a good deal when I purchased it. I am more of an embroidery machine person then a quilter.

Posted 23rd Apr 2012 by undefined

I liked all the techniques

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Textures & New Techniques (TNT) - Download
Textures & New Techniques (TNT) - Download