Our Story



Back in early 2000, Annie Moody and Lynda Remmers had an idea…
I bet if we got creative we could make an entire quilt all done in the hoop of our embroidery machine. 
Sure enough, at a sewing retreat with friends, they stayed up late into the night giggling with possibilities, and they created what is now the HoopSisters Quilt-In-The-Hoop method.
It took a couple more years to get the courage to share it with the world and start a business but soon they did that too!
Some may say, WHY would you want to quilt this way and start this business.
Our answer would be, because the possibilities are endless! Because, at HoopSisters, we love to inspire creators to go further. We believe the most beautiful and intricate quilt can be made with ease using our technique. 
We are a small family owned business with two of Annie's daughters, Aubrey Ellerbrock & Sarah Congdon, on the team as well. Even Nina Gladen, our Wholesale Account Executive and Karen Beatty our shipping guru have been unofficially adopted into the family!
If you love to create with your embroidery machine, you’re in the right place!

Battilizer, HoopSisters, EmbroidaBlock are a Registered Trademark of HoopSisters.