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BATTILIZER 115 (Shipping to US addresses Only)


BATTILIZER 115 is (1) roll of our Battilizer that is 15 yards by 24" wide.

BATTILIZER - the perfect combination of batting and stabilizer from HOOPSISTERS that offers you ease of hooping, money savings, and provides a great foundation for all your HOOPSISTERS EmbroidaBlock designs.

* Additional $18.50 shipping charge applies to BATTILIZER.

* Delivery to US addresses only. See dealer in your area to purchase.

Battilizer, HoopSisters, EmbroidaBlock are a Registered Trademark of HoopSisters. 


Great when batting and stabilizer are required
Posted 27th Jan 2013 by Camillia

Battilizer is super to use when you need both batting and stabilizer. It is supple and the project retains a nice hand.

Posted 17th Jan 2013 by Brenda V

I love Battilizer for working on all In the Hoop projects. Especially Hoopsisters designs.

Battilizer is the Best!
Posted 30th Sep 2012 by Carole v

Battilizer works so well with the Hoopsister projects. Not having to use 2 products is a bonus. This product gives great stability and makes a nice sandwich for quilts. It's very sturdy and keeps it's shape. It's easy to stitch through as well. It is a very good value for the money.

A king-sized bedspread using battalizer
Posted 8th Aug 2012 by Joellyn Randall

I quilted a tone-on-tone design on 12 inch squares and sewed them together to make a king-sized comforter. I love using Battalizer. It is easy to hoop and very smooth embroidering. ordering from Hoop-Sisters is very easy process.

The best and easiest to use
Posted 26th Jul 2012 by Judy

This Battilizer is the best and easiest to use especially since you don't have to try to hold the stabelizer and batting in the hoop, thanks for sharing this product with us.

Great Product
Posted 8th Jul 2012 by Bernadiene July 8, 2012

This was my first experience with batting/stablizer. It's easy to handle. Be great for embroidering designs.

Perfect stabilizer for use with my hoop quilting.
Posted 1st Jul 2012 by Sheri Rhodes

My daughter and I first used Hoopsisters Battilizer last year when we did the 2011 Mystery Quilt. We love it! We even save the scraps to use in small projects.

Handy easy to use
Posted 14th Jun 2012 by Robin

This stuff is the best for all quilt as you go projects. I love this stuff.

Great Product!
Posted 8th Jun 2012 by Karen

I really like this batting/stabilizer. It so easy to sew through, whether by machine or hand and yes, I will buy it again, LOVE IT!

Hoopsisters Introduced me to this product
Posted 7th Jun 2012 by rubenia vides de yanez

I had never before known about this product. I have used it consistently and have bought over 40 yards, and at this time think that I will continue to use it when I quilt/embroider. I do not know if Hoopsisters have a monopoly on it but believe that the price is fair, the attention is great at Hoopsisters and the personnel is also very helpful with any type of issues or questions that arise. I am glad to have encounter them in my path.

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Shipping Cost $18.50 (Fixed Shipping Cost)
Weight 5.00 LBS
Height 24.00
Width 8.00
Depth 8.00
Sku BAT115
Photo courtesy of Creative Machine Embroidery Magazine.
BATTILIZER 115 (Shipping to US addresses Only)