3 Quilt-In-The-Hoop Tips You Need To Know...

3 Quilt-In-The-Hoop Tips You Need To Know...

HoopSisters on 4th Jun 2024

No matter your level of expertise when it comes to quilt-in-the-hoop, these three tips are for you!

1. Use Battilizer®! This batting and stabilizer combination is the perfect all-in-one product to use in almost any quilt-in-the-hoop design. Battilizer® is a batting that includes the scrim of stabilizer to provide extra support. This unique combination gives Battilizer® the ability to stand up to dense stitching, like satin stitches, while still providing a soft flow to completed blocks.

2. Don’t skip the water soluble thread! We promise – there are great reasons to use a water soluble thread in your blocks…

- First, water soluble thread is used for tack down stitching and basting stitches, especially at the edges of your blocks. If you don’t catch the basting stitches perfectly when joining blocks together, no worries, the water soluble basting stitches can easily be washed away.

- Second, using water soluble thread for tack down stitching in the first few steps of your block means fewer thread changes. What’s not to love about keeping the same thread in the needle for multiple tack down steps?!

3. When trimming fabric in the hoop, trim on a hard, flat surface.

- We know it’s tempting to place the hoop in your lap to trim your tacked down fabrics but this can easily lead to a ruined block! Even a slight amount of uneven pressure on the hooped block can cause it to become out of alignment. Instead, place the hoop on a hard flat surface, like your cutting table, and trim away!

We hope you’ve learned something new or been reminded of these three tips for your next project.