Do I need to use stabilizer for my Quilt-in-the-Hoop designs?

HoopSisters on 19th Dec 2023

For most other quilt-in-the-hoop methods you need both stabilizer and batting. Stabilizer plays a crucial role in ensuring the success of your quilt-in-the-hoop project by acting as the foundation to build your quilt blocks upon. Without stabilizer your blocks are more likely to become distorted with stretching or puckering as you layer fabric and thread in your block.

HoopSisters, on the other hand, has a one-of-a-kind product Battilizer®. Battilizer is a combination of stabilizer and batting. It simplifies the process by serving both functions in one product!

Here are some tips that may help you next time you start a HoopSister’s design:

  1. Always follow the instructions: Referring to the specific design instructions will help you figure out exactly which products to use. Some HoopSister’s designs require Battilizer® while other designs, like bags and baskets, may ask for stabilizer and HOOPShape.
  2. Hoop the Battilizer correctly: Make sure the Battilizer® is taut but not overly tight when hooping. This is essential to maintain proper tension when stitching your blocks.
  3. Test on scrap fabric: New to HoopSister’s designs or Battilizer®? Before starting your actual project, make a test block with scrap fabric to familiarize yourself with the process and product.

Next time you stitch a block, skip the stabilizer plus batting and just hoop Battilizer® - you will love the simplicity!

Thanks for being part of the HoopSister’s community!