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This beautiful Feathered Star design, the 2013 EmbroidaBlock of the Month, was the first collaboration between the HoopSisters and Sharon Schamber. This design is multi-formatted to fit all embroidery machine types and also boasts 5", 6", 7", 8" and 9" block sizes. Choose between the 36 block layout or the 120 block layout, or do both! The border design is also included in this CD. 

Approximate Finish Sizes are based on the block sizes you make:

5" block size = 38" x 38" finish size

6" block size = 46" x 46" finish size

7" block size = 54" x 54" finish size

8" block size = 62" x 62" finish size

9" block size = 70" x 70" finish size

Formats Included: .exp, .dst, .jef, .pes, .vip, .vp3, .art

Electric Quilt file also included for those who have Electric Quilt software. File extention is PJ7. Not needed to complete the quilt. 

Video Instructions also available for certain blocks. 


 This quilt was featured in the "500 Traditional Quilts" book. 

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