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HOOPSCISSORS have been designed specifically for use with EmbroidaBlocks.

The offset handle makes trimming in the hoop easier than ever. The flat blade makes fabric cutting quick and easy and the point helps you trim close to the stitching when necessary. Great for use with any machine appliqué or HoopSisters project. Comes packaged in vinyl pouch.

Great Tool
Posted 13th Sep 2012 by Lynn Vock

I have fallen in love w/the Hoopsister's scissors. The have proven to be the best pair for doing any of the Hoopsister's projects.

Hoopscissors review
Posted 13th Sep 2012 by Jean

They seem to work fine,but nothing special. Would prefer them to be smaller or thinner with sharper blades.

Wonderful Product
Posted 28th Aug 2012 by Lois

They are the best.

The best to use.
Posted 9th Aug 2012 by Sandy

Great, I really like them and they are very easy to use.

Embroidery Scissors`
Posted 7th Jun 2012 by undefined

I purchased the scissors and found them to be so nice on my hands and they do an excellent job cutting close to the stitches!! Love them.

Posted 6th Jun 2012 by undefined


Quilter's Best Friend
Posted 25th Apr 2012 by Carol A. Scavetta

Off set handle makes these scissors so easy to manipulate. Saves time, which there is never enough of! OK, so I know that's not grammatically correct. But the scissors are the "Bomb" as my grand-daughter would say.

Awesome Scissors
Posted 25th Apr 2012 by Gail

These are fantastic scissors for an excellent price

What a great timesaver these scissors are!
Posted 24th Apr 2012 by Beverly K Egger

I love these scissors, and it makes doing any of the Hoopsisters projects so much easier. These scissors are also great for other sewing projects. I'm in love!

I'M IN Love
Posted 23rd Apr 2012 by Pat Loya

Love,love,love these scissors. they are great for all of my projects.

There's Nothing like them
Posted 23rd Apr 2012 by Micheline Prescott

Wow! What a treasure these scissors are for doing machine embroidery of any kind. Of course, I purchased them doing my embroidery block but have found them to be the very best scissor for any machine embroidery work. Thanks for creating these wonderful scissors!

Wow! What a pair of scissors!
Posted 23rd Apr 2012 by Voni Lindgren

I have had these I think since my first Hoopsisters project. I use them more than any other scissors I have. They are the GREATEST scissors ever made.

Great appliqué scissors.
Posted 23rd Apr 2012 by Barbara Kreeger

These are the best appliqué scissors that I have used. Superior!

The only scissors you'll need !!
Posted 23rd Apr 2012 by Linda Romagnoli

I purchased these scissors from my dealer when we started the Goosetracks classes. Love, Love, them! There awesome when you have to cut a "scant" or about a 1/4" from your seam.. the angle of these are just perfect for these projects!! Thanks "Sisters" !

Sharpest best scissors for any kind of applique
Posted 23rd Apr 2012 by Barbara Atkins

These scissors make cutting any kind of applique like child's play. They are absolutely invaluable.

Not JUST a scissors!
Posted 23rd Apr 2012 by Bonnie Myers

The Hoopscissors is a must have for anyone that does machine embroidery or in-the-hoop projects. They are sharp, have just the right shaped point and the bend in the scissors makes it very convenient to use. I enjoy doing the Hoopsisters projects and using the scissors, along with the Trimmer By George and the MUST have Battilizer makes the experience more enjoyable. Thank you Hoopsisters (and George).

Sharpest scissors ever
Posted 23rd Apr 2012 by Anna C Simon

These are the best scissors I have ever used for trimming seams. I am left handed and I have no problem using them.

Wonderful trimming scissors
Posted 23rd Apr 2012 by Deborah Neubauer

I first used the scissors for the 2011 Mystery Quilt. They are sharp and can really get close to the stitching line and can easily be used with the hoop still attached to the machine.

why so long
Posted 23rd Apr 2012 by Nancy

Attending Hoopsisters Club and purchased scissors-loved them. Showed them to my sister and she tried them so I gave them to her, reluctantly so. REALLY missing them until can replace-can't trim blocksanymore without them. Did not realize how much loved them until gone!! COME BACK TO ME, SCISSORS-my heart is breaking!!!

Best Scissors ever!
Posted 21st Apr 2012 by SBM63

Hi, I wanted to tell you how much I love your scissors. I live in Canada and have just just started my GooseTracks BOM and am LOVING it! Just bought your scissors and wish I had had them years ago! Sharp and sturdy...Love-Love-Love them...B

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