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Joining and Sashing How To


Download our Joining and Sashing slideshow to learn how to cut, trim, and join our EmbroidaBlocks. You'll also learn how to put a sashing on your finished quilt.

(Slideshows are not meant to be printed. They use a LOT of ink. We recommend using them as reference on your computer to flip through.)

so helpful
Posted 11th Jan 2013 by undefined

was having trouble with my quilt so i went backonline and found this great tutorial!! a must for all new quilters using HS products

A treasure of instructions
Posted 17th Nov 2012 by Elizabeth

Best instructions ever, on the topic. Had to share a link to this video with my best sewing friends. Thank you for so freely giving this information.

EASY to follow!!
Posted 30th Oct 2012 by Anna

Enjoyed working with the technique. It makes a clean finished look on the quilt. Many thanks,

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Joining and Sashing How To
Joining and Sashing How To