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Jump Drive


512Mb USB drive, easily transfer your designs!

The USB / Jump Drive is a transfer device and not meant to be used for storing your designs. 

So convenient
Posted 23rd Apr 2012 by Jane Vines

I love this jump drive bracelet. I love that it says hoopsisters for one and that it is always right where I need it. It is lightweight and so very cute. Everyone needs one. Has lots of memory.

Never loose your previous month's instructions
Posted 23rd Apr 2012 by Diana Giroux

I love this product. You put the directions for the entire project on one jump drive and you can mark on the outside what is on the drive. I also hook it on a strap inside my carrier for my sewing machine. That way I'm sure it is with me when I show up for the next month's lesson.

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Jump Drive
Jump Drive