Sewn Seeds
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Lynda Remmers & Annie Moody showcasing their beautiful work!

Sewn Seeds - CD Media

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A gorgeous HoopSisters and Sharon Schamber collaboration! The former 2015 EmbroidaBlock of the Month.   

5", 6", 7", 8", and 9" Block Sizes. 

Multi-Formatted: .dst, .exp, .jef, .pes, .vip, vp3

Premier Quilt AND Sampler Layout Quilt included. 

This quilt is stunning; it is stitch intensive, meaning there are a lot of stitches to create this absolute masterpiece.


Includes Border designs and appliqués.

Premier Quilt is 180 Blocks

Sampler Quilt is 64 Blocks

Slideshows included. Video instructions found in the VIDEOs tab of our website.  

Electric Quilt 7 Files also included

Finish size depends on if you're making the Premier or Sampler layout, which block size you're making, and whether or not you include the optional border. 

Premier Finish Sizes:

5" Blocks = Approximately 63" x 63"

6" Blocks = Approximately 72" x 72" 

7" Blocks = Approximately 85" x 85" 

8" Blocks = Approximately 99" x 99"

9" Blocks = Approximately 112" x 112"

Sampler Layout Finish Sizes:

5" Blocks without Border = 29" x 29" / with border = 38" x 38"

6" Blocks without Border = 35" x 35" / with border = 46" x 46"

7" Blocks without Border = 41" x 41" / with border = 54" x 54"

8" Blocks without Border = 47" x 47" / with border = 62" x 62"

9" Blocks without Border = 53" x 53" / with border = 70" x 70"

Open CD's are good for exchange only. 


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    Published by Cari Apostol on 1st Apr 2018

    I love this process. You won't be disappointed. Hints: 1. After backing is placed, replace the bobbin before you replace the upper thread. It's way to easy to forget to change the bobbin and the result will not make you happy. 2. After backing is place, trim the back threads after each step. Really, you'll thank me. 3. A little dab of glue-baste-it on outside seam allowance as you move from step to step will hold the flap of fabric down and prevent it from being caught in stitches. Do not glue fabric to batting. Glue Fabric to Fabric will be cut off at the end. 4. Don't rush...this is a LONG project, but the result is amazing. 5. Vanish Thread breaks in my machine. Even the tech couldn't make it work. I'm using Superior Threads Bottom Line upper and lower. 6. When a block is completed, remove it from the hoop, then cut the Block out of the Batilizer: Like cutting a hole out of the have a whole lot more Batilizer to hold on to and can make really sharp cuts. 7. Use the left over huge pieces of Batilizer to make more pieces...just zigzag pieces together. that's it ...I do hope you have as much fun as I'm having.

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